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Product parameters
USB2.0 bus, 4-channel 32-bit high-precision data acquisition card, 8-Channel Di, 8-Channel do, 1-channel frequency measurement, 1-channel PWM

USB-3204 performance features:

A / D converter: 32-bit ADC: AD7177-2, low noise board body, the highest effective accuracy is more than 22 bits;
Sampling rate: 5Hz ~ 10kHz
Input channel: 4 single ended / 2 differential channels
Input range: ± 5V / 10V;
AD trigger mode: software trigger and external trigger;
Analog input signal with TVs clamp protection function;
On board eep, user can write user-defined parameters;
Card ID recognition (0-15) supports multi card operation;
8-channel di / do; output with latch function, power on automatic reset;
1 channel frequency measurement (5 ~ 24 V input, < = 25kHz)
One PWM output (5V output);
Provide win7 / Vista / 2000 / XP driver and dynamic link library;
Size (excluding shell): 91 (W) × 139 (L) (mm);
Application field
Usb3204 is a data acquisition card based on USB2.0 bus, which can be directly connected with the USB port of the computer to form the laboratory and product quality
Data acquisition, waveform analysis and processing system in various fields such as measurement center. It can also constitute the industrial production process monitoring system. It should
The application occasion is as follows:
Quality inspection of electronic products
Medical testing
High precision signal acquisition
Acquisition without phase difference
IO control